Dream Wisdom

Have you ever sat up in bed and thought, “What the heck happened—what was that about?!” Perhaps you have had dreams that have intrigued you over time, and wondered if a message was contained in those experiences and images. Have you had trouble remembering your dreams and still want to get in touch with the wisdom you know is contained there…

We all dream every night—and your dreams are asking for your attention!

Dreams provide insight into the underlying forces that play out in your life—your hopes, dreams, challenges. They show the way to help you reconnect with your life and soul purpose, and bring both practical and spiritual awareness to support your life’s journey.

Take a trip to the subconscious (and possibly other realms) to uncover and discover the deeper meanings contained in your dreams and understand the role they play in your personal growth and transformation. These sessions will provide you with skills to help you understand the messages of your dreams and what action they are calling you to take!

Session 60 min. $69
Session 90 min. $96

Heart & Soul Wisdom

Are you searching to find that “something” that resonates with your heart and soul? Strikes a chord deep inside and gives your life meaning?

Have you been having odd dreams and/or “coincidences” show up in your life and you are not sure what to make of them?

Perhaps you want a “sounding board” to bounce ideas around about an issue on your mind, to work out how you feel and what action you may want to take.

Together we discover the messages that your Heart and Soul are always trying to express! My purpose is not to tell you who you are or what to do, only you know that! Rather I assist you in discovering what resonates with you and the path your Soul wants to guide you toward.

In these sessions you will explore different viewpoints and ways of looking at yourself—your experiences and your life in general—to understand and appreciate the messages from your heart and soul. As we work together you will become alert to the “signs” you receive and gain clarity about how the web of your life is weaving together!

Session 60 min. $69
Session 90 min. $96

Tarot / Oracle Wisdom

Tarot/oracle card readings are a wonderful tool in divining practical and spiritual insight about a particular question or to gain general information about the energies affecting you at this time. Tarot does not tell the future (which is always fluid) – but it can give you guidance about potential outcomes at the time of the reading.

Cards are particularly valuable as a tool for you to connect to your inner wisdom. You will gain clarity about your situation and this insight will aid in determining your best course of action (based on what is known at the time of the reading).

My style is “conversational” in that I will discuss each of the cards (3-5) with you to determine how your energies are operating in your life around the question. We work together during this reading!

Please note: An ethical Tarot session requires that I not perform readings about specific health or medical issues. 

Session 30 min. $42

Please Note

Though I would love to explore with you in person (if you reside in Central Massachusetts), all sessions are done via Zoom until further notice.


In honor of all my earthly and heavenly family, friends and guides who have helped me find my own way toward the Light.

And in loving memory of my first guide, Sharon Miles, who went the extra mile for me and many others…

Love and heartfelt gratitude to you all!

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